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Mekong Cruises
Vietnam Flights
At the TanSonNhat(Saigon) Airport , the terminal plan for Departure and Arrival flights is available for travelers. But it is some time is quite hard to get those information
Child Policy: It is depending on which country we make the flight booking from. Below are general guidelines only - please recheck case by case with Country Offices for exact prices. Vietnam Airlines is also apply for Baggage Allowance Policy for who flight with Vietnam Airlines
Vietnam Airline has applied different policies for all domestic flights and international flights. There are included all the online booking ticket for individual, group and travel Agents ...
Vietnam Airline only charges airport tax with international flights, which come in and out from different countries in the world, but it is not applied for all domestic flights...
Vietnam Airlines open flights to and from all the South-East-Asia countries: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia...
Vietnam Airlines open daily flights from and to Taiwan and China, booking online is available and also through all the Airline Agents
Vietnam Airlines opening flights around the world, including Europe(Paris, Germain, Russia, England) America(Los Angeles,San Francisco) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)
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Viet Holiday Service
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