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John Leslie Vietnam tour, Mekong delta 2days Mai: Thanks to you my friend for the wonderful time. The guide (Di) you provided us was phenomenal. I would like to talk to you soon about a few day getaway at the Victoria in Can Tho. I absolutely loved the place. I’ll be in touch with you. Best regards, John Leslie
Sheela Naidu NHA TRANG CITY TOUR Dear My Linh The trip on the whole was memorable. Thanks for making all the necessary bookings and making my stay a pleasant one. I thought the hotels that you recommended were excellent too. I particularly liked Novotel and especially its bathroom and it\'s see through glass wall!! It will forever remain etched in my memory. Thanks for making that happen! ; ) Thanks My Linh. I appreciate the calls you made me during my stay and following up yet still with an email. You are all out to providing excellent customer service aren\'t you? That\'s great! I\'ve not encountered such a service as yours in a long long time. Thanks for attaching the website as reference. I will look it up and contact you should I make another trip down to HCMC. Regards Sheela
Ms. Mui Heuk Thi MUN ISLAND DIVING SNORKELING Thanks for organizing great trip! We have enjoyed so much. Very good services & the hotel is very nice! Best regards, Mui
Nazari Mytho mekong tour, excursion We had an enjoyable boat trip visiting the islands at Mekong river today, thank you. I also wish appreciate very much for making my trip to Saigon with my family a good one. I just visited your website. It\'s very nice and appealing, with lots of hotel choices. Really helpful to our decision where to visit and where to stay in our next trip Thank you again & have a nice day! Nazari
Leong Sook Lei Sapa trek, Sapa Excursion Dear Viet Holiday Team, I am pleased to inform you that we had a very enjoyable holiday in Vietnam and have returned home safely. Thank you for all the Hanoi-Sapa tour arrangements. The transport, accommodation and excursions were well organised and the local guide was both professional and pleasant in guiding us and greatly contributed to the success of the tour. As I mentioned to you before, I shall be visiting Hanoi again in December and plan to tour Halong Bay then. Best wishes, Leong
Monica Thorman Indochina Discovery 14days It is really interesting & informative trip. Loved seeing Mekong life on boats & floating markets, seeing Taphrom covered in tall trees & Angkor Wat in moonlight. It was great atmosphere of Luang Prabang including monks, temples, kind people, good food! The hotels are excellent. We have really enjoyed all excursions & had lots of fun :-) Viet Holiday services has been excellent & we would not hesitate to recommend them to others - would not change anything.
Vikki Angell Vietnam Tours 9Days Dear Cindy, We had a fabulous trip to Vietnam. I did most of the organising myself but I would like to mention Marilyn from your office. She was very helpful, quick with replying and efficient. Please pass on our thanks to Marilyn and apologise for not actually getting to meet her!
Nana Bamert - HRG Switzerland Mekong Delta Tour 3Days Hi thanks very much for your follow up. we finally returned home safetly after some days spending in PP/SR and koh samui. we experienced a interresting and beautiful time in HCHC and in the mekong delta. we are pleased to feedback: - handling/booking/replying by marilyn was very efficient, friendly - our trip to cuchi tunnel (even on short notice ) and the mekong tour was organized well - nam our guide is very friendly, attentive and professional, - both victoria hotels are well 5starred hotels, centrally located and they do offer fair rates obviously. we very enjoied the overnights and we did appriciate the upgrades. overall we will recommend your agency and your service with pleasure. especially we would like to thank marilyn for the very professional, obliging service and her effort! best regards nana bamert
long HANOI CITY TOUR Thank you for your great tour in Vietnam. We will be back to see you in our next trip to Vietnam
Wood VIETNAM, Mekong Delta Tour 3Days This article ahcieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.
Lilly Halong Phoenixcruise 1day This does look proisming. I\'ll keep coming back for more.
Lucas Marcinkowski Vietnam Cambodia Culture Tour Really fabulous tour thanks to Viet Holiday Service! We will come back soon. Best regards, Luc
JP JANSSENS Phnompenh Siemreap cruise 5days We (2 persons) are interested in this cruise, please send me your best quotation
Reza Ginger junk 3days I went to Vietnam last year, and your photos are nmikag me nostalgic, even though we spent most of our time in Saigon, with a short trip to Hue/Da Nang/Hoi An.I totally agree with you about the bananas, and ohmygoodness the watermelon in Vietnam is the most amazing ever! (Heck, all of the fruit there is amazing!) Hopefully next time I visit (my boyfriend is from Vietnam, so I\'m sure there will be a next time one of these days) we\'ll be able to go to Hanoi as well.
Haikal Mekong Delta Discovery 7days Thanks for the kind words Brant. You\'re right, pictures and words only eexsprs such a small fraction of the amount of activity and liveliness and culture and all that that we experience on a daily basis. Sorry bout the cold weather but been there done that. And trust me, you will survive even if after weeks on end of bitter cold it doesn\'t feel like it. We\'re coming back to Korea in April. See you then??
Gowtham Hanoi Halong Tour 5Days i\'ve been to cambodia and vientam and thailand but just for a little.cambodia has those historical temples. definitely a must go. everything is so cheap there. food. souvenirs. you gotta bargain a lot. look 4$ bought me my dad and my brother lunch. things that are regular price or more expensive are more upscale places. in vientam its very similar to cambodia but they are a head in terms of the current times. by that i mean that they have good streets, sky scrappers in the main city, real stores like louis vuitton and what not. it looks a tad bit similar to the U.S. i went to dalat city in vientam and it was so beautiful. its up in the mountains and is designed to be like thailand you will get the closest to what you have in australia and the u.s. definitely do go. where ever you sure will have fun!
Ankur HUE PHONGNHA CAVE DAYTOUR Been there and done that .Of all of Asia, I am in love with Vietnam. It is so cheap if you avoid the tourist traps. Beyond erviytheng, it is a very safe country.Be there 6 times now and going back in April, and again in August.I consider Cambodia and Laos very dirty and corrupt, and by far not cheap.I have provided an email link in my profile. Please feel free to email me for further.Is possible to live like a king in Vietnam for under $200 a week.I do it on around $150 a week.
Pebii Mekong Delta Discovery 7days Thuyvi Maria and Pietro - Thank you Aidan your pictures are work of art and every time we look at them we can feel exaltcy the way we were that day.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Fabian Vietnam tour classic 11days Thailand and Cambodia! They have more to see! Thailand has Ayuthaya, and Cambodia has Angkor if you like that sort of thing! Vietnam has Halong Bay and thats about it! And Laos just has a bunch of landmines! If you can only go to one then I would rneomced Thailand!
Adreaa Saigon Siemriep Mekong Upstream Cruise Kimmy; You make no sense at all. Commies are like Hitler or Hitlers? There is one Hitler .and why they are like Hitlers again? Do they impose dicrstotahip on little saigon viet town? Discuss opinions in the labor camp back home\'. Why? If they are commies at the first place, why should they go home to discuss at the labor camp?Even when one wants to insult someone, one must use the common sense and logic that you seems to have lack thereof . Just can\'t insult with a right logic, can you? (chuckle).Thanks for the entertaining clown act.
Mark Penn Mekong Biking Tour Hi, My girl friend and I are coming to veitnam in July and August. We have seen your tour and would like some further information regarding the Mekong biking tour. Can you provide more detail on the trip including prices and itinery. Many thanks, Mark
Stretch HUE ,traditional garden in Hue Superbly illumnitaing data here, thanks!
Thomas Hofer Songxanh Mekong River Cruise Hello, is a cruise (3days/2nights) available on 13th October, for two adults? We arrive on 13.10.2014 6.45am at saigon airport. At the end of the cruise we like to travel to Phu Quoc. Do you also arrange road transportation (pick up at Saigon airport/ Binh Thuy to Cantho airport or Rach Gia for the boat)? And what is the cost for the whole trip? Kind regards Thomas Hofer
Thomas Hofer Songxanh Mekong River Cruise Hello, is a cruise (3days/2nights) available on 13th October, for two adults? We arrive on 13.10.2014 6.45am at saigon airport. At the end of the cruise we like to travel to Phu Quoc. Do you also arrange road transportation (pick up at Saigon airport/ Binh Thuy to Cantho airport or Rach Gia for the boat)? And what is the cost for the whole trip? Kind regards Thomas Hofer
Sugar Indochina Discovery 14Days That's a sensible answer to a chngaelling question
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