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"Don't panic, don't run," a soft German voice says over my shoulder. “Above all, don’t change your mind.” I hesitate. We are talking about crossing Dinh Tien Hoang Boulevard, a busy street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The city is humming with traffic. Country women wearing cone hats and shouldering poles strung with baskets of fruit crowd the sidewalks. In the roadway before us, a steady stream of motorbikes, rickshaws, and the occasional SUV bear down from both directions. Change your mind the way a deer does, the German meant, and you’ll be steamrollered. Walk carefully but purposefully into the flow, and you’ll be kayaking.
Vietnam might have been late to Southeast Asia’s beach party, but it was worth the wait. The country has more than 3,400km of coastline, with infinite stretches of powdery sand, hidden coves, lovely lagoons, impossible boulder formations and tropical islands ringed with yet more beaches. Too many choices!
Quang Ngai, Vietnam (CNN) -- Nestled in the mountain foothills of a remote province in central Vietnam, one of the country's most important archaeological discoveries in a century has recently come to light.
Legal bases, location, manager of the project ‘Mai Am Tinh Nguoi’ ( the Home of Human Love) The Old People’s Home at Dieu Phap pagoda was established on the following legal bases The legal texts by HCMC Buddhist Association concerning Dieu Phap pagoda and Reverend Thich Nguyen Phap
The puppets are made out of wood and then lacquered. The shows are performed in a waist-deep pool. A large rod supports the puppet under the water and is used by the puppeteers, who are normally hidden behind a screen, to control them. Thus the puppets appear to be moving over the water. When the rice fields would flood, the villagers would entertain each other using this form of puppet play
HANOI, Vietnam -- Sen. John McCain paid a quiet visit to the "Hanoi Hilton" prison where he was held for more than five years during the Vietnam War on Wednesday, making a few deadpan remarks as he made his way through dark corridors and past musty cells.
Top sites to visit in Saigon are concentrated in downtown of the city district one and China town,
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