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Vietnam Entertainment
Vietnam Entertainment
includes a wide array of activities ranging from sports to sightseeing, adventure tours, shopping, eating out etc. There are numerous things to do in Vietnam for the people of the country as well as for the tourists. In the big cities of Vietnam ballroom dancing, discos and nightclubs are major forms of entertainment.

Pop music is a rage amongst the people of Vietnam especially the younger generations. It is one of the most important and significant forms of entertainment in Vietnam. Most of the nightclubs play pop music together with dance music. Dancing is popular among the youngsters. Vietnamese entertainment also includes karaoke bars and an increasing number of western-style bars. The festivals of Vietnam reflect the color and traditions of Vietnamese culture and form a major part of Vietnam entertainment. The biggest festival is Tet Nguyen Dan.
Eating & Drinking
Vietnamese cuisine is a mixture of Chinese, French and a little Thai and is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in Asia. The basic ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine are rice and the famous fish-sauce, nouc mam.
One of the specialties of Vietnamese cuisine are spring rolls, ingredients and size vary depending on the region of the country. The traditional breakfast, chicken soup (pho ga) or beef soup (pho bo) is available at most of the food stalls on the main streets of nearly every city in Vietnam.

Vietnam Shopping offers a huge variety of souvenirs and traditional handicrafts. Popular buys include lacquerware, ceramics, embroidery, silk and paintings. As with most countries, the Vietnamese government does not allow the export of any item of historic or cultural significance. Saigon has the best buys for modern goods like CDs and clothing.

Vietnam Festival

Vietnam's festivals follow an age-old calendar based on Buddhist and ancient Confucian beliefs. The list below is a work in progress - a run-down of ten important Vietnamese holidays and festivals, although each province has its own series of festivals unique to the locals. Dates are subject to change without further notice.

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