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Vietnam Flights
Vietnam Airline booking Policies
Vietnam Airline has applied different policies for all domestic flights and international flights. There are included all the online booking ticket for individual, group and travel Agents ...
- Tickets must be issued 30 days before departure.
- After confirmation, a cancellation fee of 10% will apply in case of cancellations or name changes.      
- Tickets must be issued 5 days after confirmation of the flight (approximately 30-60 days before scheduled departure).
- After confirmation, a cancellation fee of USD 30 will apply in case of cancellations, flight, date or name changes.      
- Change of route after issuing the tickets will be considered as cancellation and cancellation fees will apply
- There is no penalty for change of flight time or flight date       
- A deposit of 20% of the total fare must be paid within 5 days of confirmation in order to secure the seats.
- For date, time and route changes after the flight is confirmed, the full deposit will be charged, and a new deposit (20%) must be provided after confirmation of the new flight date.
- Up to 10% of the original number of seats booked may be cancelled without charge; above that, the full deposit will be charged.      
An administrative fee will be charged at USD 5 per person for name changes on Vietnam Airlines flight ticket if you request to change it less than 1 month prior to the travelling date. This fee is the additional cost from a cancellation fee applies by the airlines.      
Please note that Vietnam Airlines is very strict on name changes and will count them as cancellations, even in cases of a simple typing error.    

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