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Restaurants in Cantho
Can Tho - Mekong Delta the largest city in the Mekong, Can Tho is a buzzing town with a lively waterfront and a colorful mix of narrow back streets and wide boulevards. Along the Can Tho River waterfront there are several cafe-restaurants, most serving Mekong specialities such as fish, frog and turtle, as well as standard backpacker fare
* Quan Com 16
(Tell: 827 326; 77 Ð Vo Van Tan; mains 15,000;breakfast, lunch & dinner) A very popular traditional eatery serving tasty, inexpensive bites.

* Restaurant Alley
(Ð Nam Ky Khoi Nghia; mains around 15,000d) This is a good spot to escape the tourist scene on the riverfront. Situated in an alley between Ð Dien Bien Phu and Ð Phan Dinh Phung, there are about a dozen local restaurants scattered on both sides of the street.

* Mekong
(Tell: 821646; 380 Hai Ba Trung; main;15,000-25,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) Mekong is always packed, for good reason: good Vietnamese food at reasonable prices.

* Thien Hoa
(26 Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 15,000 25,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) The speciality of the house are delicious Hue-style spring rolls (dac biet cha gio re).

* Phuong Nam
(48 Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 25,000d;breakfast, lunch & dinner) As with Mekong, Phuong Nam is a delicious deal.

* Nam Bo
( 50 Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 25,000-100,000d; lunch & dinner) Housed in a thoughtfully restored, classic French villa, Nam Bo offers excellent European and Vietnamese cuisine in a delightful atmosphere. The view of the local fruit market from the 2nd-storey terrace can't be beaten.

* Cappuccino

(Tell: 825 296; 2 Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 35,000-70,000d; lunch & dinner) Fora break from pho, head to this popular Italian restaurant near the riverfront. You'll find a decent selection of pizzas and pastas and delivery is available.

* Thanh Thuy Christian

( 149 Ð 30 Thang 4; mains 40,000-50,000d;This goat-meat speciality restaurant serves tasty curried goat; or if you're feeling adventurous, try the goat-scrotum hotpot. The restaurant is a few kilometres out of town, just beyond the local university. Look tor the sign on your left, just beyond the junction with Ð Tran Hoang Na.

* Du Thuyen
(Tell: 810 841; Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 40,000-75,000d) For a unique dining experience, climb aboard this three-level wooden ship, where you can enjoy the usual standards while floating along the river. Du Thuyen typically sails from 8pm to 9.30pm.

* Hoa Su
(Cai Khe Ward; mains 40,000-85,000d; breakfast, lunch & dinner) Overlooking the water. this popular eatery serves seafood and other favourites, to great river views. It's near Victoria Hotel.

* Sao Hom
(50 Ð Hai Ba Trung; mains 45,009 70,000d; 8am-midnight) Inside the former market, this sleek and attractive spot serves a variety of Vietnamese and fusion dishes (shrimp with mango, papaya salad, vegetable tandoori) and the riverside setting is Can Tho's most idyllic spot for a meal or a drink.

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