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Mekong Cruises
Phanthiet (Muine)
For the selected few with refined manners and exquisite taste, those who truly understand the art of living, Princess d’Annam redefines luxury through a new range of experience and emotion. With its 57 exclusive villas, 8 swimming pools, 2 restaurants, and a sumptuous 1,800 m2 spa complex, Princess D’Annam is an idyllic haven of calm and luxury. You will certainly be ever so close to stunning mountains, Pacific coastline, sand dunes and red canyons. The superb location of Princess d Annam Resort Phan Thiet in Phan Thiet in Vietnam certainly makes all of the above possible
Viet Holiday Service
# 607C My Thuan Apartment, An Duong Vuong Street, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 08 222.90588 | Fax: +84 08 6260.6335 | Email: