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Vietnam Entertainment
When you are a walker, you will take any available chance to walk to your destination. Saigon is a place to walk, as all of the city’s top attractions are within easy walking distance. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a good walking tour that will show you what Saigon has to offer.
January and February are the most interesting festival months in the year, in Vietnam. Plenty of the festivals and special events would be organized throughout Vietnam.
You can't leave Hanoi without seeing a traditional water-puppet show. The shows, which appeal to all ages, are charming, picaresque entertainments accompanied by a traditional Vietnamese pit orchestra. Order your tickets early in the day for the best seats. Your hotel can probably help.
includes a wide array of activities ranging from sports to sightseeing, adventure tours, shopping, eating out etc. There are numerous things to do in Vietnam for the people of the country as well as for the tourists. In the big cities of Vietnam ballroom dancing, discos and nightclubs are major forms of entertainment.
Certain celebrations and traditions are big parts of Vietnamese life. On holidays everybody dresses up in their best clothes to enjoy the festivities. There are parades, and entire villages can be decorated for special celebrations. Each holiday holds a special place in the lives of the Vietnamese people.
Festivals in Vietnam are so diverse and rich. According to the researchers’ folklore, Vietnam has nearly 500 major traditional festivals, spread across the small country of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each festival carries a traits and personal values, but always towards a sacred object of worship should be like the hero against foreign invaders, who have transmitted the teaching profession, anti-disaster, the extinction of evil fun, the rich world to save its people ...
Kate festival of Cham People is starting from the 1st day of the seventh month according to Cham calendar (equivalent to 25 September to 5 October by solar calendar). Place: Po Nagar Tower Temple (Huu Duc Hamlet), Po Klong Giarai Tower (Do Vinh Ward, Cham Tower), Po Rome Tower (Hau Sanh Hamlet). Objects of worship: Gods: Po Klong Giarai, Po Rome. Characteristics: Ritual of the Cham people.
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